How to Create a CrossPlatform Mobile App Using Xamarin Forms -Part 1

What is Xamarin? Xamarin is a Microsoft technology based platform.Three types of projects can be created through Xamarin. 1. Xamarin.Forms 2. Xamrin.iOS 3. Xamrin.Android A simple illustration diagram is shown below.

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From Happy Socks to Gender Equality: This Swedish Start-Up’s Biggest Fear in Outsourcing Was Compromising Their Company Culture

  Well, we are past the start-up phase. We are more of a scale-up now, Anders corrected me at the start. Anders is a technopreneur and CTO of the fast-growing accounting scale-up, Wint, that partnered with Creative Software in December 2017.

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I've Consulted eHealth Startups for 20+ Years. Here Are My Top 5 Growth Tips.

Photo credit: via Unsplash As advisor and consultant to European e-health startups, I see so many aspiring entrepreneurs popping up everyday. Most fail.

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