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Introduction to Unity Game Engine

Have you heard about this technology?

Check out the short video here.

Have you heard about this technology?

In 2015 I got an opportunity to be involved in a Game Development project and that was my first ever. The game concept was Coral Conservation.
Since I’m a .Net developer, I tried to choose a game development tool which is based on .Net technologies and found a Game Engine called “Unity”. If you have free time just try out Zooxanthellae game which is hosted as a 3D game on facebook (My first game).

What is most important is that even if you are familiar with C#/ Javascript, you are welcome to start this game and stimulation development with “Unity Game Engine”

Why I chose Unity ?

Now you may think that, among a lot of game development tools in the industry, why should I choose unity?

1. I did that because It is a Cross-platform - you can build same game for almost any platform(27 platforms for now- 06–2018) through single click.

2. It is totally free for Personal usage

3. Asset Store- There are lot of free assets(3D Objects, Textures , etc.)

4. Good Documentation

What we can do with Unity?

1. Game Development(2D/3D)

2. Create Augmented Reality Apps

3. Create Virtual Reality Apps

4. Windows Mixed Reality(Holography)

5. Create 360 videos

6. Asset Store- Make continuous income based on your creativity

Above are some of the features and there are lot of interesting usages on the official unity site that you can take a look at.

Would you like to try out Unity ?

1.Minimum requirements — Will depend on complexity on your game

As a startup, OS- Windows 7 SP1 or above(64 bit)/ Mac OS X 10.9+

RAM- 6 GB (minimum) and processor should be 2.5 or above, Intel HD graphic card

2. Download & Install Unity, Create a account for you (Free)

3. About Unity Editor

You should have basic idea regarding Five main windows

Image 1 Roshan Blog


a). Hierarchy window — is list of game objects used in the game.

b). Scene View — is primary view of all game objects in “Hierarchy” window

c). Project Window — is allow to manage all the assets belongs to the project

d). Inspector Window — is display currently selected game object properties

e). Game View — is player view of the game (Final out put)

You can get more details about above windows using below link.

Now you are ready for start your First Game !

First you have to get familiarized with basic game development concepts. Here is the recommended first tutorial for beginners. It is not required to explain step by step since all the steps are clearly described in below tutorial.

Roll-a-ball tutorial

This is the “Hello World” programme for beginners who are willing to use “Unity” Game Engine. This tutorial may take around 30 minutes to complete.

Most of the basic game development concepts (described below) are covered in this

1. Create a new game and add game objects(Cube/Sphere , Add c# script, set values and properties)

2. Apply physics on game objects

3. Get user input through the key board

4. Pickup game objects

5. Use Assets store

6. Display score on game board

Once done, you are ready to start even an advanced game/ application with Unity, such as “Augmented Reality” application which is shown in the above video.

There are lot more videos you can find on YouTube. I used this to complete above “Augmented Reality” sample application.



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