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An Agile Process

Frequent iterative deliveries, transparency and regular communication between you and your dedicated team are essential for the success of our collaboration. That is why we prefer to use an Agile development process.

Our Agile process is optimised for distributed development.

We work with you to fully understand your requirements and together we create and prioritise development tasks based on business values and potential risks. We then move into the development phase where software is delivered in iterations (sprints).

Project Management Tools

We work with most leading project management solutions, so you can continue to use the tools and practices already in place.

If you have no existing system or preference, we offer our own Agile project management software, TrackIT, free of charge to all our clients.

TrackIt is a project management tool that is based on Agile best practices along with our two decades of experience working with geographically disbursed teams.

A cloud application, TrackIt is designed to provide complete transparency and real-time insight into the progress of your dedicated team.

Fully supports iteration planning and workflow boards

Shows project/iteration status graphically via dashboards

Supports issue tracking

Allows for attachment of test scenarios and relevant documents for any given issue

Contains time management and absence planning

Our dedicated teams are built to match each client’s unique requirements. We work with all the leading programming languages, technologies and platforms so that we are able to staff your team with the exact skills you need.

Technical Skills