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Sri Lanka ?

With a highly skilled English-speaking workforce, universities that are among the best in the world and a stable business environment, Sri Lanka has emerged as one of the world’s leading destinations for software outsourcing.

Sri Lanka’s literacy rate exceeds 98% making it the leader among South Asian countries. Universities are highly selective and have rigorous admission criteria.

Universities that offer courses in IT have introduced a wide variety of programs aimed at increasing the quality of the IT workforce and most students are required to complete a six to twelve-month internship at an approved company or institution as part of the core curriculum.

Education -
a South Asia Leader

Loyal and

We strive to be welcoming and collaborative. Our multicultural society with many external influences promotes tolerance, understanding and the ability to collaborate effectively with people from different parts of the world.

International companies are attracted by our creativity in the workplace and capacity to think outside the box.

We work both smart and hard.

Loyalty and commitment help us maintain attrition rates that are substantially lower than in most other offshoring destinations.

In 2016, A.T. Kearney recognized Sri Lanka as one of the top 15 outsourcing destinations in their Global Services Location Index based on its financial attractiveness, resource quality, and stability of business environment. The country was described as “one of the hidden jewels in the offshoring space.”

Among the top 15 outsourcing destinations, Sri Lanka received the highest score for financial attractiveness.