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Creative Software
February 24, 2023

Creative Software Leads the Way in Reimagining the Employee Experience in a Hybrid World

Creative Software Leads the Way in Reimagining the Employee Experience in a Hybrid World

In a world where hybrid working is becoming the norm, one tech company is breaking boundaries in employee engagement and fostering a culture of growth, well-being, and happiness. During the pandemic, companies let go of office spaces and made drastic changes to how they operate all while increasing the workforce to meet demand, especially in the tech sector. Creative Software is moving against the tide by redefining workplace culture and defying these trends while enhancing employee engagement through constant interaction and support that walks the talk.  

Having already embraced a flexible hybrid work environment, the company also took a bold step to move into a new nine-story office space in Colombo in 2021 to offer better and safe on-site experiences for its employees during challenging times. The new office provides state-of-the-art facilities and a vibrant space for its workforce to socialise, collaborate and build great tech together.

With a strong sense of community and togetherness, this fast-growing team at Creative Software has several positive aspirations for the company’s future. In conversations with the leadership team, we found some common threads between them all. Namely, to maintain its positioning as a top-tier employer of choice with great focus on work-life blend.

Channa de Silva, Director of Software Engineering at Creative Software, believes that the close-knit team spirit and teamwork make Creative who they are and have enabled the company to build high-performing teams for their clients for over 23+ years under multiple tech verticals.

Elaborating on this, Channa shared, “In any organization, engaged and empowered employees consistently perform at their best. We are giving our employees the flexibility to learn and grow to bring out the best in them by collaborating with each other. In doing so, we aim to nourish the Creative culture further while working towards building a stronger and more resilient Sri Lanka.”  

Adding on to this, the Director of Marketing at Creative Software, Peumi Rodrigo, shared, “We believe in inspiring employees to co-create our workplace experience and culture together to make the resulting experience as credible and personal as possible for them at Creative Software. This is key to our long-term objective of further enhancing the hybrid working model in order to make the work-life blend a positive experience for all our employees. In addition, we are enhancing our engagement with local academia to strengthen R&D education for a stronger and more resilient workforce to uplift the nation as we power the next generation of innovators.” The company has also initiated many initiatives to give back to the community, cultivating a strong shared social responsibility amongst employees by harnessing the power of Creative Software’s culture of togetherness.


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