Dedicated Teams

Dedicated Teams

Creative Software

Your partner for software outsourcing

We have over 15 years of experience building high-performing dedicated teams in Sri Lanka for international clients and we know what it takes to succeed in software outsourcing.

Whether you are looking to extend your in-house software teams, or need assistance in developing, quality assuring, managing or supporting your applications, we can help.

Dedicated Teams

How we deliver our services

At Creative Software we are experts in building and managing dedicated teams of software engineers who become a regular part of your in-house workforce, contributing to the development, maintenance and support of your software applications.

Once established your in-house workforce and dedicated engineers at Creative Software will function as one team sitting at two geographic locations.

Our highly skilled software professionals and almost two decades of experience working with geographically disbursed teams have made us a trusted partner to clients around the world.

Why Creative Software ?

Attract Excellent Talent

As one of the pioneers and leaders of Sri Lanka’s ICT industry, Creative Software has a strong brand name and attracts the country’s best talent.

Build and Retain Domain Expertise

Our staff retention rate is consistently above the industry average. This enables us to build and retain domain expertise on our clients’ software applications - a prerequisite for any distributed development initiative to be successful.

Be Agile & Responsive

We help you respond to your organisation’s resourcing needs promptly, scaling teams up to take advantage of new business opportunities as they arise, or scaling them down when your business so requires.

Increase Value

Become more competitive.

With a dedicated team at Creative Software you can grow your business cost and time-efficiently, without compromising quality.

Client Testimonials

Our clients are in the United States, United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka and Australia.

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