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Are you looking for challenging work and international exposure in an informal, fun and creative work environment? Then Creative Software is the place for you. Together, we build great tech!

Team work

Teams that thrive

At Creative Software, we support a healthy work-life balance. We want you to be able to grow personally as well as professionally. We are a flat, non-hierarchical company where teamwork is everything. A team is never stronger than its weakest link, and we always support and encourage each other to do better. We value skills alongside a willingness to help others.

life at creatiVe

We encourage

Curiosity and learning mindset

Be willing to explore new ideas and embrace lifelong learning.

Openness and

We give and receive feedback with an open mind and always assume positive intent.

Mentorship and knowledge sharing

Sharing knowledge with peers is something we enjoy doing.

Team spirit and togetherness

We take on challenges and succeed or fail together, we never pass blame.

Volunteering for change

We are committed to supporting CSR activities and volunteering to positively impact our community.

and fun

We have fun together and always make time to celebrate successes.

our people

Together we build

Get a sneak peek into the unique and vibrant culture at Creative Software. Together, we build impactful tech that shapes the future.

Our culture

A culture curated
by you

Our company culture is the sum of everyone working here. We value diversity and encourage everyone to be themselves. If you have a special talent, we would love for you to share it with us at our regular get-togethers.

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