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Creative Software
August 16, 2017

Creative Software’s expansion testifies to growth of Sri Lanka’s IT sector

Creative Software’s expansion testifies to growth of Sri Lanka’s IT sector

After moving into their modern eight-storey R&D centre in the heart of Colombo,leading software company Creative Software is at risk of outgrowing their premises yet again.

Creative Software Director Sushena Ranatunga said, “Problems caused by growth are always good problems to have. Last year we almost doubled our office space to accommodate our growing teams. Soon we might be finding ourselves in the same situation again and while the thought of moving is daunting, we are incredibly happy with the steady progress we’ve been making in the past years.”

Fuelling Creative Software’s expansion is the company’s ever growing international client base.

Creative Software specialises in building dedicated teams of software engineers who have been developing and maintaining industry-leading software solutions for companies around the world since 1999.

According to Ranatunga, theincrease in demand for Creative Software’s services and engineers is an indicator of the strength of Sri Lanka’s software industry itself.

“We see an increase in international clients’ confidence in investing in Sri Lanka,” explained Ranatunga. “There are many factors behind this, but I believe the main driverfor our growth is the increasing quality of our IT talent and maturity of ourIT industry.”

Most importantly, the increasing strength of the local IT sector has created a wealth of job opportunities and will continue to do so. “Creative Software will have many job openings for both entry level and experienced professionals throughout the year,” announced Ranatunga.

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