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February 26, 2018

Scandinavia’s Shoppa partners Creative Software

Scandinavia’s Shoppa partners Creative Software


With an installed base of more than 5,000 stores, Shoppa is Scandinavia’s market leader for retail in-store signage.
Intent on expanding into other European markets, Shoppa partnered Creative Software to boost its development capacity in order to serve an even larger client base.
According to Shoppa’s Head of Development Nicklas Kittelmann, as the company penetrates new markets, retaining the high quality of their offering will be a priority. “Quality, that is why we partnered with Creative Software,” said Nicklas. “Creative Software comes highly recommended by some of Scandinavia’s leading tech companies and I expect them to be able to meet our standards as well as our deadlines.”  
“As we move into new markets, we have to increase our development capacity but we also have to ensure that this growth does not compromise the quality of our products and services,” concluded Nicklas. “If anything, with Creative Software on board, we are confident that we will be able to focus even more on increasing the value we bring to our customers.”  

Shoppa and Creative Software are now in the process of building a dedicated team of software engineers which will contribute to Shoppa’s product development and help streamline its development pipeline. The team will be based at Creative Software’s R&D centre in the heart of Colombo. In April, the team will receive product training at Shoppa’s Sweden-based headquarters, while their Scandinavian colleagues are expected to visit Creative Software in May this year.  

Creative Software’s Director of Engineering Damitha Liyanage said that the new partnership has positioned the company for yet another successful year. “The steady growth of our client portfolio means that Creative Software will create many more jobs and attract more foreign investment into Sri Lanka,” said Damitha.  


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