Accelerating europe's digital contract industry

Oneflow is a leading SaaS digital contract automation provider headquartered in Sweden and serving customers globally. Oneflow offers a comprehensive contract automation platform that includes templates, negotiation, editing, and lifecycle management. With the platform, Oneflow users are able to speed up their agreement process, gain transparency throughout negotiation and approval workflows and close deals faster.

Digital enablement through integrations

Oneflow sees immense growth opportunities for its contract automation solution, particularly when integrated with third-party applications that require contract management functionality within their own context. With this approach, Oneflow can provide a comprehensive solution for managing contracts across many different business environments, such as procurement, sales, and human resources.

Creative Software is responsible for developing and maintaining Oneflow's entire integration platform, creating flexible and configurable integration channels to connect with multiple external systems. We have also developed integrations for leading CRM systems such as SuperOffice, HubSpot, Pipedrive, Zapier, and collaboration tools such as Google Workspace, Teamtailor, and Office 365.

Building and scaling the team

An initial team of four developers has grown significantly and is now an integral part of Oneflow's in-house tech team.

Asked about the team’s performance, Karl Moodh, CTO of Oneflow, stated, "We chose Creative Software based on their great references, and from the very beginning, I knew we had made the right decision. I am very pleased with how swiftly they assembled a competent team for us. They took immediate ownership of the work assigned and now independently develop and maintain our integration platform while implementing the vast majority of our integrations. We anticipate continued strong growth ahead, and with our partnership with Creative Software, I am confident we will have the technical expertise and resources needed to meet our ambitious targets."

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