Empowering Norway's largest e-health solutions provider

Commanding an impressive 85% market share, DIPS AS is Norway's leading provider of electronic healthcare solutions for hospitals. DIPS offers a comprehensive range of solutions, including electronic patient records, clinical decision support systems, and administrative tools for healthcare providers.


Enabling rapid innovation

In 2017, DIPS partnered with Creative Software to develop the first mobile applications for their healthcare solutions. The success of this collaboration led to DIPS establishing additional teams to work on other areas of their product. Currently, DIPS has eight teams at Creative Software working closely with DIPS teams in Norway.

Our work for DIPS includes designing, developing, maintaining, and supporting components of the third-generation Journal System - DIPS Arena™. In addition, we provide B2B integration solutions using HL7 FHIR® to enable seamless data sharing across multiple hospital systems. We also support an Open EHR forms designer for data entry and consumption by DIPS' partners and customer hospitals. To deliver our services, we use technologies such as .NET full stack, MAUI, Angular, Oracle, Microsoft Blazor, and Kubernetes.


Forging ahead  

According to Krister Jom Skoglund, Director of Development at DIPS, "The Norwegian healthcare system is digitised with citizens having an Electronic Health Record(EHR). The e-health landscape is evolving quickly, and it is important for us to partner with an agile software development company that can adapt to the industry's ever-changing demands. With that in mind, we are fortunate to have chosen to work with Creative Software. From the very start, they have been a great asset to us, contributing significantly to our efforts to keep innovating and deliver Norway’s leading e-health solution."

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