Elevating Norway's Aquaculture Sector with Løvold System

Located in Bodo, Norway, Løvold System stands at the forefront of software innovation within the aquaculture industry. This pioneering company has developed two transformative digital solutions, Havbruksloggen and Vessel, in close collaboration with Norway's fish farming sector. Havbruksloggen is an inspection and maintenance system crafted specifically for the aquaculture industry, while Vessel offers a comprehensive documentation and maintenance solution tailored exclusively for boats and floating facilities.


A Productive Alliance with Creative Software


Today, Løvold System's innovation journey continues, partly thanks to the dedicated development team at Creative Software. The aim is to revolutionise the field of aquaculture facility inspection and maintenance, promising an immersive and enriching user experience for suppliers, service providers, and regulatory bodies alike. Creative Software is diligently migrating the system to a state-of-the-art technical platform, introducing a myriad of novel features and product enhancements.


Magnus S. Jensen, the CEO of Løvold System, conveys his enthusiasm for the collaboration with Creative Software, stating, "Our partnership with Creative Software has not only positioned us as industry leaders but has also instilled confidence in our ability to continually meet the evolving demands of our valued customers and partners."

He goes on to commend Creative Software's unwavering dedication, noting, "The team swiftly grasped the intricacies of our business domain, consistently delivering software of exceptional quality that aligns seamlessly with our users' high expectations. Their agile and flexible approach empowers us to offer a system that seamlessly evolves with the ever-changing industry landscape, all to benefit our loyal user community."

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