Optimizing ERP System Efficiency with IFS Technical Expertise: A NetOnNet & Creative Software Collaboration 

NetOnNet, a leading Swedish e-commerce retailer specialising in consumer electronics, collaborates with Creative Software to enhance the efficiency and functionality of their IFS Applications installation.

About NetOnNet

Established in 1999, NetOnNet simplifies the purchasing of electronics by offering diverse payment methods and providing customers with the flexibility to either buy online for home delivery, buy online and collect in-store, or purchase directly from a NetOnNet outlet. Their IFS implementation includes Supply Chain, Financials, and Retail modules, integrated with various internal and external systems. 

Challenges Faced 

NetOnNet faced challenges managing their complex IFS environment, requiring specialized IFS expertise for maintenance and upgrades, new-user requirements, and end-user support. They were also keen to reduce the costs associated with managing their IFS installation.  

The Collaboration 

NetOnNet partnered with Creative Software for support with IFS applications. Subsequently, Creative Software onboarded a team of expert IFS technical consultants, who have been assimilated effortlessly into NetOnNet's internal team, contributing as a vital component of the organisation. 

Collaborative Approach: 

The Creative Software team contributes to:
  • Implementing new business requirements, 
  • Supporting and resolving user issues, 
  • Refining the user experience, 
  • Improving performance and application efficiency, 
  • Managing monthly releases. 

Creative Software adheres to NetOnNet's SAFE agile practices, collaborating with various internal teams such as e-commerce development, app development, infrastructure, and help desk.

Technical Expertise and Solutions

Creative Software’s in-depth IFS knowledge assists NetOnNet with: 

  • Customisations and Integrations:  Implementing new customizations, configurations, and third-party integrations, enhancing system performance. 
  • IFS Upgrade Project: Successfully upgraded NetOnNet's IFS applications to version 10, including testing, cutover and post-go-live support. 
  • Efficient Maintenance: Utilizing standard core functionalities, applying core patches and updates, and minimizing customizations for efficient code maintenance.
  • Oracle Database Management: Introduced an Oracle Database Administrator role to optimize database performance and resolve issues proactively.

Collaboration Highlights 

  • Successful upgrade of NetOnNet's IFS Applications installation to a newer version.
  • Enhanced user experience and streamlined agile practices.
  • Continuous improvements based on NetOnNet’s ongoing business requirements.
  • Ongoing company merger project to scale the IFS implementation. 

By teaming up with Creative Software, who possess significant technical expertise and experience in IFS Applications, we have been able to augment the resources we need to fully leverage the advantages of IFS Applications.

Anne-Sofie Johanson

CIO, NetOnNet 

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